Secretos para contar Foundation
Reading and education for the Colombian countryside

The Foundation

About us

Secretos para contar is a corporate foundation that provides education programs specifically designed for Colombian rural families.

Through different educational and training initiatives aimed at stimulating reading and learning, our Foundation tries to provide as much opportunity as possible for Colombian families living in out of the way parts of the country, to communicate with their local communities as well as with the world at large, while encouraging a greater sense of self-worth so that they value their relationship with the nature and countryside, as well as to improve their quality of life.

The Foundation was created ten years ago, as a result of having distributed certain agricultural and environmental texts amongst several rural communities in Colombia. When we saw just how pleased and excited this often overlooked segment of society was with such a simple gesture, we began to sound out the possibility of extending these educational activities to include reading skills, which would become a key factor in self-development of these rural communities.


  • Promote reading habits amongst the Colombian rural communities to help improve the quality of their lives.
  • Dignify the role of the Colombian rural people and help them to enhance the image they have of themselves, underlining the importance of their work and knowledge of the country as a whole from the economic, cultural, social and ecological standpoints.
  • Provide means of entertainment and hours of fun for members of the family as well as the rural communities to which they belong, and in so doing, build up ties and set in motion a means of networking to ensure greater development.
  • Make up for the lack of educational material in the Colombian countryside.
  • Design strategies that help rural families to stay in their own respective towns and villages.
  • Help improve the Colombian countryside as well as preserving the environment.
  • Extend broader knowledge of the reality of the Colombian countryside so as to create a network of assistance and solidarity and encourage greater reflection with regard to the issues at stake.


Pedagogy director: Tita Maya

President - Board of Directors Lina Mejía Correa

Administration director: Isabel Cristina Castellanos A.

Installation director: Natalia Olano Velásquez

Projects director: María Isabel Abad L.

Education director: Vanessa Escobar R.

Accountant: LLecenia Montoya Tamayo

Training and Project Coordinator: Juan David Londoño V.

Consultant: Sebastián Castro P.

Workshop Staff: Sebastián Muñoz R., Alejandro Gómez J., Juan Luis Vega G., María Alejandra Palacio C., Silvia Londoño C., Daniel Úsuga M., Diego Franco G., Carlos Andrés Valencia F., Andrés Felipe Franco T., Daniel Álvarez B.

Board of Directors
: Juan Guillermo Jaramillo C., Beatriz Restrepo G., Carlos Alberto Uribe M., Jorge Mario Ángel A., Manuel Santiago Mejía C., Gloria Inés Palomino L., María Cristina Restrepo L., Martha Luz Botero R., Luis Alberto Gómez R., Margarita Inés Restrepo C.; Rodrigo Fernández C.  Permanent guests: Gilberto Restrepo V., Diego Paz R.