Prizes and awards

Over the years the Secretos para contar Foundation has received various prizes and awards for its work.

El Mundo de Oro (Gold Award from El Mundo Newspaper)

We received the El Mundo de Oro prize from El Mundo, one of the top regional newspapers, on the occasion of its 30th Anniversary in 2009.

The panel of judges highlighted the Foundation’s contribution to culture in the Department of Antioquia by encouraging and improving reading habits in rural communities as well as directly delivering its books to families in these faraway rural areas.

At the prize-giving ceremony, a special mention was made because of the “efficient cultural work carried out by the Secretos para contar Foundation in disseminating traditional knowledge and building a learning culture through the books and radio programs offered to rural families surrounding Medellin, the Department of Antioquia as well as other parts of Colombia, together with their corresponding installation workshops, all of which has made the Foundation a pivotal cultural force within the country”

Mention of Honor from the Alejandro Ángel Escobar Foundation

The Alejandro Ángel Escobar Foundation has been awarding prizes in the field of Science and Solidarity for more than 5 decades now. In 2010 it gave the Secretos para contar Foundation a mention of honor highlighting our efforts in exalting the role of Colombia’s rural population and helping them to build a better quality of life in the place of their roots, so as to avoid further urban migration.

The panel of judges recognized the value of our focus on the family as the most important building block in society as well as our efforts to train teachers and community leaders so that these may drive development in their own towns and villages.

Recognition from the Metropolitan Area of the Valle de Aburrá

The local Metropolitan authorities awarded its 2010 Educated Area prize to the Secretos para contar Foundation for its work in the region's development in terms of education and equality.

This recognition ceremony was part of the 30th anniversary celebrations of the Metropolitan Area (AMVA), an institution dedicated to environmental planning and sustainability as well as developing overland transport, education and infrastructure in the Valle de Aburrá.